Soft and Dynamic

For beginners and experienced dancers

This informal class is full of fun. We learn and practice basic concepts during a thorough warm-up. This is followed by dance style choreographies that help participants directly and indirectly learn the fundamental principles of movement composition. The second part includes joyful dancing and careful stretching. This class is perfect for dancers and non-dancers who are interested in simplicity and normality, believe in themselves and strive to love themselves and others.

What to wear:
Please wear comfortable clothes for the class. Bring along (possibly non synthetic) socks, sweatpants and both long and short sleeved tops. Please do not wear nylons, huge earrings or any other jewelry. No make-up is necessary and no fake nails are allowed in the class.

Teacher: Zoltán Grecsó
Time: Monday, Thursday, Friday 20:00-21:30